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H. Morris Williams
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I was born in Lake City, Florida on December 2, 1932 at 813 Hernando Street.

The house is still standing today in the northernmost end of downtown Lake City (before the railroad tracks), on the East side of Marion Street, behind a vacant lot where a block of old buildings was torn down not too long ago.

It has served as a homeless shelter know as "Candlestick House" run by a local charity for many years now.

My father, Raymond Oscar (R.O.), and my mother Ida Bell (Miss "Ider") also lived in this house, as did my sister Marjorie and her husband, A.D. Tyson. Things were a lot different back then, but some things have remained the same. There were beautiful old houses directly across the street from ours at one time, but sadly, they were torn down in the name of progress - a trend that continues even today.

I have fond memories of my childhood in Lake City, Florida. It was a much simpler time, before technological advancements in media & communication took folks off of their front porches and put them in front of their TV's and computers. I know this sounds like typical "old guy" stuff, but it really was a different time, and despite the hardships - it had its charms.

As a boy, I can remember walking down to the ice plant - no, not the big white building everyone calls the ice plant (that's the old power plant) - I'm talking about a building that was next to that one and has been gone for decades.

The train would come in with huge blocks of iceicebox which were to be sawn up & delivered locally for "ice boxes" (see picture at right), the predecessors of modern refrigerators. Ice was a precious commodity back then, so my friends and I would climb up & scrape off the ice shavings that were left on the saw blade for a rare summertime treat! To this day I'm reminded of how modern conveniences have changed our lifestyles every time I enjoy a tall glass of iced tea (with plenty of lemon, please!).

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813 Hernando St

R.O. Williams

Power Plant

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