June 21, 2009 - The Lake City Reporter

By H. Morris Williams

Last week I wrote about Frank Thompson, Sr., an amazingly talented Lake City sign painter of years ago. I also mentioned his late son, Frank Jr., known locally as "Booger", also a first class artist and sign painter. Now, thanks to CHS grad Harry Marton, I can tell you about a third talented Thompson, Booger's son, Dick Thompson, and his considerable artistic skills.

Dick left Lake City to go into the Navy, then moved to San Diego where he followed in his ancestors' artistic footsteps and soon became established as an outstanding sports artist.

The San Diego Chargers NFL football team was so impressed by Dick's art work that he was contracted to do all the Chargers animated graphics art work.

He also created the Chargers' logo, "Charley Charger", did the graphics for the Chargers' annual football program, and created the official portrait of the Chargers' legendary head coach, Sid Gillman.

Further, Dick designed and executed all the cover and promotional art for the 77th annual AAU National Track and Field Championship held in San Diego.

Then just as Dick was rising toward the top of his profession, he was tragically killed in a car crash in 1971 at age 30.

So, now Frank, Sr., Booger, and Dick are all deceased but thankfully we still have much of their splendid artistry to remember them by.


Tonia Edenfield announces that the CHS Class of 1974 will have their 35th Class Reunion on July 11th at Quail Heights Country Club. For more information, classmates can e-mail Tonia (Tannachion) Edenfield at tjedenfield@comcast.net.


The Tallahassee Leon Football Hall of Fame is raising money to endow a scholarship in memory of former Leon Coach Gene Cox (CHS 1952). If you would like to donate, make your check payable to "Leon Football Hall of Fame" and mail to Regions Bank, c/o Gene Cox Scholarship Fund, 2000 Capitol Circle N.E., Tallahassee, Fl 32308. Note on your check "Gene Cox scholarship fund."


Reverend Ivan Clements, Calvary Baptist pastor, was ordained to preach on June 7, 1959. So, as of two weeks ago, Sunday, June 7, 2009, he had been an ordained minister for exactly 50 years. His church honored him with an ice cream and cake celebration that Sunday night and lovingly presented him and wife Louise with congratulatory words and nice gifts to mark the important milestone in his ministry.


School Museum thanks go to Don Heeke for facilitating the donation of a CHS 1917 diploma that belonged to Rodney Willis. At that time, James R. Lites was School Supt., A.B. Connor was CHS principal, R. B Harkness and T. H. Owens were President and Secretary, respectively, of the Board of Trustees.


When the CHS Class of 1984 had their recent reunion, they collected $600 in donations for Haven Hospice in memory of these 28 classmates who had died: Michael Abrahamsen, Gloria Jean Bailey Vining, Janice Blackwell Garrett, Thelma Caldwell, Lydia Estess Wetherington, Sherry Gail Foster, Carol Guynn Hudgins, Danny Harriss, Betty Carol Hewett Pilkenton, Leo Hollingsworth, Richard Huggins, Faith Jenkins Fuller, James Johnson, Mack Lane, Judi Lee Albright, Mark Minchin, Bob Nobles, Rodney North, Melvin Pearce, Barbara Roberts, Manley Sexton, Jerry Shackleford, Ray Thompson, James Townsend, Charles Unstead, James Waters, Ronnie Waters, and Ray Williams.

Most of the families of these deceased classmates have been notified of this memorial donation. However, addresses were not available for some of these families, so if you were not notified and read this, please know that the classmates of 1984 were remembering your loved one.


Fort White High School graduate Carlee Wilson recent graduated from UF with a degree in engineering and is now a Professional Engineer Trainee at DOT.

Interestingly, Carlee is the third generation of Wilsons at DOT. Her father, Steve, started at DOT in 1981 when he graduated at UF. Her grandfather, Carl, retired from DOT in 1992 after 33 years service as a Right-of-Way Administrator.


*1945: Joseph L. Nettles established the Nettles Sausage Company.

*1947: William R. "Ritch" Nettles established N & W Dry Cleaners.


The boss is the one who is early when you are late and late when you are early. square

H. Morris Williams is a local historian and long-time Columbia County resident.