September 6, 2009 - The Lake City Reporter

By H. Morris Williams

Dodie Pedlow, one of our most prominent and valuable citizens, moved to Gainesville recently. During her many years here, she improved every part of Lake City's life that she touchedand she was also a barrel of fun!

Dodie richly deserves a fine public tribute for all she has meant to our community, so I asked her long-time friend, Noah Lindsay, retired LCCC professor, to write that tribute. Here is what he wrote.

A truly renaissance lady has left Lake City. Dodie Pedlow came to Lake City in 1956 with her two children and her husband Bob, an administrator at the VA Hospital. Over the years Dodie (whose real name is Josephine) was involved in many aspects of life in Lake City.

She was well known for decades as a leading golfer, retiring only as she neared eighty years. Dodie is a naturalist of considerable renown, a member of the Audubon Society for many years. Everywhere she went in Florida's great wildernesses (often traveling by canoe) she took her camera. Her photographs of birds and wildflowers have appeared in several journals and reference books.

Dodie is a prolific and versatile artist. Her modeled head of Dr. Herbert Phillips (LCCC's first president) is a marvel of capturing his rugged strength. Dodie's ink drawings have graced notepapers published for the benefit of the Friends of the Library, where she and Bob were staunch supporters. I personally treasure a ceramic bowl which Dodie made for me in the 1960s. Her oils and acrylics are in private collections.

Dodie also contributed substantially to the civic, educational, and cultural life of this community. She was employed at LCCC twice, once as manager of the bookstore, and later, after completing her graduate degree, as the advisor to handicapped students

Both Dodie and Bob were charter members of the Lake City Concert Association fifty years ago, holding several offices over the years, and remaining on the board as Historians. Dodie was also a charter member of Altrusa, serving as an officer more than once.

She has been a member of St. James Episcopal Church all her years here, and was instrumental in the landscaping of its new sanctuary.

Now that Dodie has left us, we will surely miss her charm, wit, talents, and energy, but, thankfully, Dodie will only be moving south a few miles to the land of the Gators.

Dodie, we miss you already! Please come back and visit often!

Thank you, Noah, for this perfect remembrance of Dodie!


*1960: The CHS Class of 1960 held a memorial service for three of their schoolmates who had passed away: Willadean Eubanks, Mincey McColskey, and Judy Maddox.

*1982: Captain Michael R. Mickey Clements (CHS 1966) died in an in-flight explosion on a C-130 training flight that claimed the lives of all seven crewmen on board. All city flags were flown at half-mast in honor of the 10-year Air Force veteran.

*1964-1976: These CHS seniors made the highest scores on the 12th grade senior placement test: Richard Vance Lawrence, Daniel Joe Squillace, George Robert Dekle, Suzanne Phillips, Pamela Anne Sobek, William S. Newsom III, Mary S. Newsom, Deborah Swanson, Russell Newsom, Michael Fisher, Kurt Klinepeter, David C. Beau Brown, and Wendell Lynch.

*1946-1951: The CHS valedictorians were Janet Irvine Paschall, Thelda Evonne DeLoach, Joyce Bedenbaugh, George Ferree, Jr., Ernest Walter Brown, Jr., and Ann McBride.

*1975: Lake Citians L. H. Mathis, Sr. and L. H. Mathis, Jr. donated the very first Mathis Fire Plow to the Smithsonian Institution, Division of History and Technology, where it is still displayed.

The plow was the first of eight such plows the senior Mathis built in 1933 and it sold for $525. The plows made a revolutionary difference in fighting forest fires and the donated plow had been used to plow fire lanes near Fargo, Georgia, for over 40 years.

*1996: Lake City letter carrier Ralph Hurst was honored for his 35 years of postal service, mainly in Lake City. Ralph's supervisor, Garry Ward, said, Ralph is one of our most dedicated carriers and we all appreciate his many years of dependable service.


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H. Morris Williams is a local historian and long-time Columbia County resident.