September 27, 2009 - The Lake City Reporter

By H. Morris Williams

The recently deceased Barbara Beauchamp of White Springs left a special legacy to the people of White Springs and indeed to all of North Florida.

In fact, Barbara will long be remembered by the citizens of all of Florida for her professional and personal dedication to the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park and to the Florida Folk Festival.

In recognition of her memory and legacy, The Stephen Foster Citizen Support Organization held a public dedication ceremony to announce the Barbara Beauchamp Memorial Fountain. The ceremony took place at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center in White Springs on Sunday, September 13th, with a large audience in attendance.

One of the other special projects Barbara will be remembered for is her part in the creation of the book Those Were the Days which featured a wide-ranging conversation between two of Hamilton County's greatest citizens, Virginia Daniel and Buddy Camp, both now deceased

Barbara arranged the many meetings between Virginia and Buddy, transcribed their conversations, and helped turn this great historical conversation into a book.

Barbara's life was dedicated to her family, to her church, and to serving others, and she richly deserves every memorial bestowed upon her.


Friend Johnny Bullard, also of White Springs, was deeply touched by the recent death of Rev. Ed Montgomery and he wrote these remembrances of Ed and Ed's family.

White Springs joins our entire area in mourning the passing of Rev. E.F. (Ed) Montgomery, Jr., Lake City. Rev. Montgomery served as pastor of the Jasper Presbyterian Church and, later, as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Lake City, for a number of years.

On a number of occasions, he spoke here at White Springs Presbyterian Church and served as pastor of the small congregation when he pastured in Jasper. Rev. Montgomery's wife, June, a prominent musician and composer, has lent her considerable talents on many occasions playing the carillon here at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.

Rev. Montgomery's mother, the late Mrs. E.F. (Margaret) Montgomery, Sr., was a prominent member of the Florida Federation of Music Clubs and worked tirelessly along with the late Mrs. W.A. (Lillian) Saunders, Sr., White Springs, in the establishment of the Stephen Foster Memorial. In their time of sadness and loss, the Montgomery family has the prayers of our entire community.


Thanks to Public Defender Dennis Roberts, we now have the words from a Tallahassee state plaque about our Lake City Naval Air Station from World War II days:

*Lake City proudly boasts participation in World War II through the Naval Air Station which was located on the site of the Lake City Air Field.

*NAS Lake City was commissioned in 1942. Navy and Marine pilots trained to fly sorties in PV 1 Venturas and PV 3 Harpoons. Over 2,000 Marines, sailors, and Waves (female sailors) were stationed at the airfield.

*In March of 1946, the airfield closed. The only NAS Lake City building still standing is the navy brig which was used during World War II and remains in use by the Lake City Community College as a data processing center.


Harriet Goodbread Meadowcroft (CHS 1949), age 78, of Highland Springs, VA, died in a car crash August 14, 2009. Harriet had retired after a 30-year teaching career. Earlier in her life she had been an airline stewardess for Alaskan Airlines, stationed in Anchorage, having been personally interviewed and hired by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, famed war hero of World War I and World War II.


*To Sue and Randy Heavrin for a variety of CHS yearbooks and other CHS memorabilia from Carolyn McDonald Cornman (CHS 1941), and also rare photos of past student groups from the Olustee, Lulu, and Bay Creek schools

*To Joanna Adicks Wallace (CHS 1952) for donating a copy of the 1952 yearbook, of which she was co-editor along with Dickie Hodgkins.


The husband and wife took turns driving when they went on vacation so they could relax. When he wanted to relax, he drove. When she wanted to relax, she drove. square

H. Morris Williams is a local historian and long-time Columbia County resident.