November 22, 2009 - The Lake City Reporter

By H. Morris Williams


In this Thanksgiving season, Lake Butler's Marjorie McGill Driggers wrote me this beautiful ‘Thank you' letter for a donation I had passed on to the Union County historical museum.

"What a joy to receive the 1928-1929 Final Edition of the U-C0-Hi Journal. I was eight years old at that time in my life of 88 years.

I truly remember many of the names in the "Arizona Cowboy" play. Of course they graduated about the time I began school, later graduating with my husband, Robert A. Driggers, in 1938.

The actors in the play were older than me and they became the leaders in our town when I was growing up.

What a treasure the material is for our museum, full of memorabilia of this, the smallest county in Florida.

I cannot thank you enough for these historical papers.

The papers I had sent were entrusted to me by Rev. Lowell O'Steen, pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church, and had belonged to his relative, Union County High graduate Claude Fralick, the first principal at Summers Elementary.

Marjorie had clear memories of Claude Fralick in his high school days: "Claude was a tall boy and I remember where he lived in Providence. He played the piano well and lived a good life."

Marjorie is the namesake of the Marjorie M. Driggers Union County Historical Museum in Lake Butler. It is a fine museum, located at 410 West Main Street, Suite C, over the old Lyman Green barbecue restaurant building.

It is open each Monday from 9 am--12 noon. The upstairs museum has both stairs and elevator, and volunteers there welcome all visitors to see their wonderful collection of Union County memorabilia.

One item in their collection is especially valuable but you had to look twice to see why: a 1986 Florida tag had the state of Florida printed upside down, one of only six in existence.

By the way, lots of local people, including CHS principal Terry Huddleston, will remember Marjorie's brother, Bill McGill. Bill coached the LCCC track team, of which Terry was a member, and they placed third in the nation one year. Bill later served a term as Union County school superintendent and he, like Marjorie, is a mainstay of the Union County museum.


The Epiphany Catholic School is celebrating it's 50th anniversary during 2009-2010. The events will culminate with a weekend celebration on May 7-9, 2010.

The celebratory weekend will include an open house at the school and a daylong event at the Columbia County Fairgrounds.

If you have or have had any connections to the Epiphany School, please contact as many alumni as you can starting now and encourage them to attend. The more the merrier!

For more information, contact the school at 386-752-2320 or visit their web site at


Vernon Lamme told this story in his book "Florida Lore": ' When Governor Fred Cone of Lake City gave his first reception at the Governor's mansion, his sister was there and told him her ambition had always been to slide down the banister from the second floor to the reception room. Governor Cone told her to go ahead if she wanted to and she did—but she fell off the banister and broke her leg!'

1949's 60TH

Some 35 members of the CHS Class of 1949 met October 31 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their high school graduation.

They started the day with a nostalgic visit to their old high school building, now the School District Complex, and a tour of the School Museum. Then they went downtown for a class photo on the courthouse steps, and finally to Chasteen's Restaurant for a delicious meal and more fellowship.

Classmates agreed it was a perfect reunion and they enthusiastically thanked classmates Harlan Markham, Shirley and Kenneth Keen, Eddie and Kathy Norris, Dixie Nolan Ferguson, Jerry Melton Fields, and Gene and Emily Robarts who planned and executed this reunion to perfection.


Always drive so your license expires before you do! square

H. Morris Williams is a local historian and long-time Columbia County resident.